assess the situation

assess the situation

Website, graphic design or application. Whatever your requirement, we have the solution.

A complete understanding

All projects need to have a starting point. Our analysis and research skills will enable us to get there.

We are quick to understand. We will take your requirements, analyse what you are looking for and present you our proposal of what we can do for you.

Sometimes it can be hard to work out exactly what to do. We love doing research and we can examine your problem domain giving you suggestions and answers.

You stay in control at all times. We do not guess or assume; if we are not sure we will ask.

Focus on content

The content is the most important part of your website.

We will help you answer the questions:

  • what content is the most important?
  • what content should a mobile user see?
  • what content should a non-mobile user see?
  • what content is not required at all?
looking good

looking good

Everything must look and feel great. Our designs give confidence to you and your customers.

One design; many devices

Our designs use a single set of HTML and CSS files for all browsers and all devices.

Media queries in CSS define breakpoints which allows the same HTML to react as the viewport changes.

For example, on this website:

  • a single column display on mobiles expands to three columns on wider screens
  • the menu stays out of the way on smaller devices but is a classic navigation bar on larger devices
  • content is centred but the width increases along with the device

Our solutions, your content

We do not own the data on your website, you do. Content management systems help you manage your content, allowing us to keep a clear separation from the presentation elements.

Content is more than just text. Our graphic design skills can provide you necessary images, diagrams and icons to make your website look great.

grow your ideas

grow your ideas

Start small and build it up. Development and implementation is done one step at a time as you watch.

Multiple iterations

Implementation is done using multiple small iterations. Each iteration builds on the previous one incorporating the features we agree are the next thing to be done.

Your new website is always working. Each iteration adds more functionality taking you closer to the finished product.

We do not disappear for long periods of time. The project is planned with you and you will always see what we are doing as your solution grows.

No nasty surprises! Only pleasant ones as you watch your ideas becomes your realised solution.

Requirements change

We know things change. Our developments evolve based upon the ongoing mutual understanding of requirements.

Modifications are simply incorporated with minimal cost and inconvenience.

Continual delivery means you see the implementation as it evolves, reducing the acceptance test phase.