a flexible approach

a flexible approach

Agile can be a misused term. We take a flexible approach on all our projects to give us both the benefits.

An open working relationship

Our core objective is to build your trust and confidence. We like an open working relationship that gives you what you want and lets us work together.

Specification is kept to a minimum; we create enough to get started and evolve along the way.

There are also no formal project documents requiring onerous review and approval.

We like to think we are building you a working solution right from the start that increases in functionality as the implementation progresses.

Knowing our limitations

Solutions are no use if they are impractical. Everything we offer will be pragmatic, achievable and affordable.

Good as we are, we cannot do everything. For anything we do not do ourselves we will help you find and manage a third party so you still get the best solution.

Have the assurance that we will never promise you anything we cannot deliver.

top notch

top notch

Quality is our middle name. Everything we build must look great and work exactly as you need it to.

Test, test and test again

We like to think we have a very high attention to detail. This is driven by a belief that usability is as important as content.

All of our websites and applications are tested on as diverse a range of devices and browsers as we can.

Developer toolkits help us to simulate many different scenarios and see how the website will react.

Beta testing is vital. We use people who have not been close to the project to get an honest outside opinion before we launch and your customers see the finished product.

Confidence driven methods

Our development practices are all behaviour driven. Tests are written first which will be used to prove the design and implementation.

Automated testing is a central part of our processes. Continually testing ensures everything works and keeps on working.

Mistakes do happen. When we find a bug our first reaction is to augment the test suite; this helps us to know we have fixed the problem but also to be reassured it will not come back again.

not just for projects

not just for projects

The work does not stop after the project has been completed. This is not the end, it is really the beginning.

We will not walk away

Having built up your trust and confidence we do not want to lose this. Instead we will build on it, whether that is further projects or looking after the ones we have completed.

The included warranty period ensures everything works after implementation exactly as you want it to.

Our relationship is a partnership and we also want to be satisfied ourselves that we have done a good job.

We will also do minor modifications where the original requirement or solution was not quite right.

Continued support

We offer flexible support agreements beyond completion of the project.

Purchase a number of hours per month to be used as and when you need.

Use your support hours for whatever you want. For example:

  • consultancy and technical support
  • minor enhancements
  • maintenance and upgrades